Delaine Le Bas:
Zigeuner Sauce
7th October –
9th December 2021
Billy Fraser and Mitch Vowles: Wishbone26th August –
23rd September 2021
Harbinger of a sweet song26th June –
31st July 2021
Invisible Narratives²22nd May –
19th June 2021
Gabriel Esteban Molina : Trip I - Hasta La Vista

online video exhibition
24th December 2020 –
17th January 2021
Magda Stawarska-Beavan: Spaces and MomentsFinissage 15 May noon - 6pm
The Eye of the inner leaf6th March –
1st August 2020
Under a flag:
Shao-Jie Lin
Anthony Ngoya
10th January –
20th February 2020
Small Works

Alessandro Roma
Byzantia Harlow
Delaine Le Bas
Gabriel Esteban Molina
Radouan Zeghidour
Ryohei Kan
4th –
19th December 2019
Erika Kobayashi:
His Last Bow
5th September –
28th November 2019
Radouan Zeghidour :
LXXV Chants de Sirènes
7th June –
1st August 2019
Ryohei Kan:
As you see it
22nd March –
17th May 2019
Delaine Le Bas:
Tutis A Rinkeni Moola, Abri
11th January –
7th March 2019
Ryoko Aoki and Zon Ito7th September –
6th December 2018
Yoi Kawakubo:

2 Aug 6pm-9pm
8th June –
2nd August 2018
Byzantia Harlow:
From the same source I have not taken
6th April –
24th May 2018
Ryuichi Ishikawa:
zkop: a blessing in disguise
12th January –
15th March 2018
Alessandro Roma:
A Vivid Dream: Can dreaming save us?
13th September –
7th December 2017

Still unresolved and very much ongoing
9th June –
5th August 2017
Gabriel Esteban Molina:
Bad Gateway
24th March –
1st June 2017
Radouan Zeghidour:
12th January –
15th March 2017