9 Apr 2021

Yoi Kawakubo featured in ‘Dans l’Oeil du Désastre: Créer avec Fukushima’ of Michaël Ferrier

A decade has passed since the unprecedented catastrophe deeply and irrevocably altered the life of those who directly and indirectly lived the Earthquake and its aftermath. In a compelling book on its effect on art and artists, French writer Michaël Ferrier has put together a number of interviews with artists in fine art, theatre and literature. Yoi Kawakubo who has produced a body of work focused on issues related to the nuclear radiation spoke with Amandine Davre, the result of which is a chapter of this critically acclaimed book published by Editions Thierry Marchaisse. In French only.

Link to the podcast by France Culture: a radio program of interview with Michaël Ferrier (22 minutes)

Link to the France Culture Facebook podcast: Michaël Ferrier on how to photograph invisible radiation (5 minutes 10 seconds)

Link to a literature blog l’Interval, an article of interview with Michaël Ferrier