Delaine Le Bas
Evening of Performance
The House of Bas presents:
‘Beware of Linguistic Engineering'

2 December
6pm to 9pm

We are delighted to announce an evening of performance of Delaine Le Bas, in the sprit of the artist's current solo exhibition at the gallery ‘Zigeuner Sauce’. The new performance will complement and enrich the immersive installation while exploiting yet another dimension of her practice, weaving it through the already rich layers of meanings of the ongoing show.

The artist will animate the evening in costumes she designed for the occasion, exploring into her creative roots in textile and fashion. These costumes are part of the very limited editions of clothing under the label House of Le Bas - Gypsy Couture, along with several similarly very limited edition works including objets d’art. The durational performance will be accompanied by newly commissioned sound pieces by Justin Langlands throughout the evening. Delaine will be accompanied by her partner in crime Hugo Santos throughout the duration of the performance.

The performance will be on from 6pm to 9pm, and audience can come and view at any time during this timeframe, though it is possible that towards the end of the evening there will be more intensive ‘climax’ feel. Do not miss this very special opportunity to experience in person, a powerful performance of Delaine that is only a one-night affair.