My work aims at revealing emotion and beauty, often forgotten or ignored under the coarse and rough surface. It is the sublimation of fragments of memory that is forgotten and foggy, oscillating between real and unreal. In my practice this translates into using everyday objects often thrown out as waste or rubbish. They are used fabrics, industrial materials that I repurpose from their original functions. I transform these diverse objects into paintings and installations of ambiguous compositions made of confrontation of materials.

Artist Statement

Anthony Ngoya

Anthony Ngoya is an artist who reflects. He reflects the materials, he reflects the subject matter. He reflects the process. The result is the work with multilayer of concepts hidden behind a deceivingly simple, even primitive aesthetics that is in fact highly subtle and sophisticated.

The French artist's preferred media is humble, almost base found-objects such as used fabric, pieces of floor tiles in his old artist studio, or wastes found in construction sites. He faces these beaten-up materials which are already infused with meanings, and he goes down directly to see their innate beauty that is beyond the hackneyed concepts they are associated with.

Ngoya's work breathes. It is in good part due to the emergent artist's pronounced sense of space that he instills into every work and installation, combined with his almost seasoned use of colours. No less important is that by liberating the waste or used materials from narrowly defined connotations, the artist infuses new life into these otherwise useless objects, and they begin to breathe, inhale and exhale the fresh air endowed with new meanings.