upcoming exhibition

Andrew Pierre Hart:
Lo-Fi Hi-Sensitivity

Winter 2021

Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix is pleased to introduce Andrew Pierre Hart and his works online ahead of his solo show 'Lo-Fi High Sensitivity' to be opened early 2021. Hart's oeuvre is an amalgam of a wide range of media, including painting, video and audio pieces, these elements making up part of his wide ranging interdisciplinary practice. The artist's practice can be described as fruits of on-going efforts to create works that appeal to different senses regardless of media that seamlessly embody an integrated space. His starting point is the dialogue between painting and sound to further explore such possibilities, he researches ideas on spatial and colour experience in painting and how visualisation of abstract space takes place. Earlier in this search he worked together with Alanna Macfarlane, a bassoonist and a student of Royal College of Music specialised in synesthetics, and Hart continues to develop it into cross-modality as a process of thinking and creating.

About the exhibition

For his first solo exhibition at the gallery, Hart will present a new body of work: painting, sound and installation. Hart creates a narrative rich with sound experimentation portraying a near future world 'where sound is the keeper of the planet, and its mysterious properties are harnessed to help guide and heal the planet'. Hart is interested in the concept of acoustic levitation where the properties of sound are able to cause solids, liquids and heavy gases to float, and the concept has been an important source of inspiration for the narrative of the artist's work. Also of importance in his works is language, as the artist plays with its fallibility and ways to subvert its cultural significance. The texts in the paintings are not to guide the works literally, but it may reveal snippets of conversations that communicated across various planes. This phenomena, in turn, is also a by-product of fluid narrative, reinforced by his fascination with boxsets binge watching. Hart studied how narratives shift in stories. Are experiences singular? The artist weaves in approaches in relation to musings over seriality, imagination and possible different takes on meanings of works.

The 17 minute video, a new work produced during the lock-down, may give a peek into his larger body of work and eventual solo show in winter.

Hart obtained a Royal College of Art MA in painting in 2019, after the completion of BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts in 2017, both in London. He is currently enrolled in the Postgraduate Certificate Academic Practice in Art in University of the Arts London. He has shown extensively but mostly in the UK. Hart is a recipient of ArtAngel 'Thinking Time' Award 2020, 'Tiffany & Co. x Outset Studio Prize' 2019, and The Honourable Knights of the Round Table FineArt Award 2018 amongst others.

His recent shows include a two-person show at Tiwani Contemporary, Lonodn, Seismic Wave at Gallery OF, Seoul, prize winners exhibition of Tiffany & Co. X Outset at Tiffany Convent Garden. He also performed for Collective Intimacy at 180 The Strand and the PLOP Residency Show, PLOP Residency in London among others.